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Champs Winners

(from left) Mocha, Sky, Bonnie, Dino and Alf

Pounding Herts - BFA Outdoor Championships 2017 

Division 21 winners!

About Racing Herts


- We are are registered with the British Flyball Association (BFA)

and the United Kingdom Flyball League (UKFL)

- We train on Thursday evenings at Bayford, nr. Hertford, in a fully      enclosed indoor riding school


- We welcome people of all ages - and dogs, over 12 months old, of all shapes, sizes and breeds


- We have teams that compete at tournaments throughout the year

About Flyball


Flyball is an exciting team sport for dogs, originating from California in the late 1970's. It is a relay race between teams consisting of four dogs and handlers, plus a box loader and up to two reserves.


Each dog jumps four hurdles and then triggers a spring loaded box that releases a tennis ball. The dog then catches the tennis ball and carries it back over the four hurdles. When the dog crosses the start line the next dog goes, the aim being that the dogs cross nose to nose on the startline. This is called a 'changeover'. If a run is not completed correctly the dog must re-run (for instance if the dog does not carry the ball back, misses a hurdle or the changeover is too early). The first team to have all four dogs run without any faults wins the race.

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Racing Herts Flyball Team

Email: racingherts@yahoo.co.uk         Tel: 07917 006265

Racing Herts Flyball Team
Racing Herts Flyball Team