BFA Awards

When dogs compete in BFA sanctioned open tournaments, they are awarded points when their team successfully completes a heat of racing. Points are awarded to each dog as follows according to the teams overall time:

30 points - under 18 seconds

25 points - under 21 seconds

20 points - under 24 seconds

15 points - under 27 seconds

10 points - under 30 seconds

UKFL Awards

Dogs competing in UKFL sanctioned tournaments are awarded 10 points every time their team completes a clean heat of racing in under 30 seconds. If they win the heat each dog that raced in the heat is awarded an additional 5 points.

Flyball Dog

FD Intermediate (1000)


FD Graduate (3000)

Travis, Dixie, Poppy,

FD Advanced (5000)

Mocha, Vegas, Sky, Dino, Dora, Inka

Silver (10000)

Dougal, Riot, Teal, Bean, Duggie

Gold (15,000)


Ice Blue Moon (20,000)

Alf, Diesel, Puzzle, Sprite

Platinum (25,000)

Pretty, Tipsy, Freddie, Boris

Pearl (30,000)

Jade (35,000)


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 Alf, Sprite, Bonnie, Bailey, Inka                       

 Tipsy, Vegas, Bean, Mocha, Duggie Dougal, Freddie, Pretty, Dolly, Dora, Sky, Dino

Cadet (300)

Cadet Advanced


Cadet Superior


Pilot Officer


Flying Officer


Flying Officer Advanced (15,000)

Flying Officer Superior (17,000)

Racing Herts Starters Awards

​  Racing Herts have their own award scheme for those dogs just starting out on their racing career. 1 point is awarded to every dog for each  individual , successfully completed run in either a BFA starter competition or UKFL little League.



Starter Dog (20)

Gizmo, Dixie, Bella, Oscar, Ruby, Peppa, Dolly

Intermediate Starter Dog (40)

Duggie, Travis, Sampson

Advanced Starter Dog (70)

Willow Award (100)

Lulu, Willow

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    BFA  Young Members Award Scheme


The Young Members Award Scheme rewards all participants with  milestone awards. It is open to all members aged 7 to 18.

Points are earned in all aspects of Flyball including contribution to team, ring party duties and racing.

Silver Aubrey-Wilson Award (100)

Clark, Sarah, Bryce

Gold Merryman Award (200)

Clark, Bryce

Platinum Frost Award (500)


Pearl Knott Award (1000)

Jade Mills Award (1500)

Sapphire Jennison Award (2000)

Diamond Barnard Award (2500)

Opal Anderson Award (3000)

Topaz Novasio Award (3500)

Emerald Short Award (4000)

Ruby Barraclough Award (4500)

Amber Reynolds Dobson (5000)

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Racing Herts Flyball Team
Racing Herts Flyball Team

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