Breed- Border Collie

Handler- Heather Webb


"Puzzle is a small collie who always looks pretty in pink. She likes to use her mums legs like a 100m runner uses starting blocks. Her mum isn't always happy about this!"

Puzzle retired in 2016 due to a recurring injury. We wish her a well deserved restful retirement.


Total Flyball Points 23,055


BFA Awards (points):


Flyball Dog (200) - 25th July 2009

FD Intermediate (1000) - 3rd October 2009

FD Graduate (3000) - 19th June 2010

FD Advanced (5000) - 16th January 2011

Silver (10,000) -28th January 2012

Gold (15,000) - 5th January 2013

Ice Blue Moon (20,000) - 5th October 2013


Racing Herts Flyball Team
Racing Herts Flyball Team