Breed - Dobermann

Handler - Lisa Musk


"Riot is a slightly autistic boy (like Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man) and it has taken a long time to teach him that leaving his mums side to play flyball isn't scary at all. He loves his toy reward for doing flyball so much that sometimes he doesn't give it back!"


Riot retired from racing on 4th September 2016 and we wish him a long and happy retirement.


Total flyball points   12,165


BFA Awards:    


Flyball Dog (200) - 20th November 2011

FD Intermediate (1000) - 6th May 2013

FD Graduate (3000) - 10th May 2014

FD Advanced (5,000) - 7th September 2014

Silver (10,000) - 1st May 2016


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