Photo Gallery

Photos from the multibreed competition run by the Jets at Brookfield on 21st April 2014.


Featuring Muddled Herts and Change of Herts.

Photos from the starters competition run by the Alphas held at Markfield on 25th January 2014.


Featuring some of our up and coming starter dogs.

Photos from the annual British Flyball Association Championships held at Catton Hall, Derbyshire. A spectacular event comprising 45 Divisions run over 4 rings.


Featuring Racing (Div 4), Blazing (Div 13), Pounding (Div 19) and Beating Herts (Div 32 Champions)

Photos from the Pods tournament held at Tai Lawr, Anglesey on the 27th and 18th July 2013 followed by the clubs annual holiday


Featuring Racing, Blazing, Pounding and Hopeful Herts as well as the clubs group activity - Segway!

Photos from the Cambridgeshire Canines tournament held at Littleport Lesuire Centre on the 15th and 16th June 2013


Featuring Racing, Blazing and Pounding Herts

Photos from the Pods tournament held at Tai Lawr, Anglesey on the 28th and 29th July 2012 


Featuring photos from the weeks holiday following the tournament

Photos from the tournament held at Englefield on the 28th May 2012


Featuring Racing, Pounding and Beating Herts

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Racing Herts Flyball Team
Racing Herts Flyball Team

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